The Natural Patch - Anti-ticks Stickers

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48 Colorful Patches

In Every Bag

Airtight Seal

Keeps Your Patches Safe Between Uses. Just Seal The Bag And Your Stickers Will Last Up To 12 Months.

Easy-to-Use and Functional

Just peel, stick, and let the playful designs bring a smile to your face while offering serious protection.

Family-Friendly & Safe

Perfect for kids and adults alike, these stickers are DEET-free and crafted using non-toxic, plant-based ingredients.

Our Tick Repellent Sticker uses natural ingredients to keep you safe: Geranium, Peppermint, Thyme and Cedarwood Essential Oils. With our guarantee to never use dangerous chemicals, our products will always be safe for kids.

Aroma Weave Technology

By infusing biodegradable bamboo fibers with natural essential oils, our AromaWeave™ technology is able to provide therapeutic-grade tick protection. And while they may be tough on ticks, our kid-friendly oils make these stickers gentle on the senses.

Long-Lasting Protection

Each sticker offers up to 8 hours of consistent tick repellent power, so you and your family can enjoy outdoor adventures worry-free.