Ever since her young adult years, Dominik has gravitated around marketing and  fashion. Treasure seeker for the little ones and the big ones, she is the one who  oversees the new arrivals you will find at Le Petit Cocon. Dominik has a sharp eye  for charming things that are created with care. Her passion for perinatal care, early  childhood and parenthood revealed itself with the arrival of her firstborn. Stemmed  from a desire to curate a wide range of necessities under the same roof, Le Petit  Cocon has been carefully created from A to Z by Dominik for todayʼs parents and  tomorrowʼs kids. 


Aiming to encourage buying less, but buying better, the products you will find at  Le Petit Cocon are carefully chosen, tested and displayed. Each visit is a friendly  encounter that will fulfill your needs, but will also allow you to discover surprising  

new favorites. Always at the forefront of the latest trends, the boutique is lovingly  cared for every day by Dominik and her welcoming team. Le Petit Cocon is meant  to feel like an extension of the teamʼs own living rooms; a warm and colorful place  where it is good to spend family quality time. 

Welcome to Le Petit Cocon boutique. You will feel at home.