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Focused on perinatal care, early childhood and parenthood, for 9 years now, our boutique Le Petit Cocon welcomes you in a warm environment where you will encounter quality and well-designed products intended for today's families.

With its established storefront in old St-Jean-sur-Richelieu in addition to its online store, Le Petit Cocon is the perfect boutique destination to find discoveries that are local as well as international in a fun and playful universe. You will uncover wonderful new favorites, we promise.

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Kim fait du bien

Oli & Carol 🥒

Small fruits & vegetables to roll! 🥕🍓🍋🥬

The cars have arrived and we're falling for it...🥹🛻

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Kim fait du bien 🌱

🕰️✨ New second-hand drop for toddlers ♻️

Explore a multitude of unique items to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 🏡🪴

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Micasso 👩‍🎨

🆕🆕 — @micasso 🎨👀🧑🏻‍🎨

• Artist apron: an essential for 4-6 year olds! (Yayyyy!!!) 👏🏻

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