Scholastic - Les Fées de mon Jardin

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Follow the enchanting and beautifully illustrated story of Mimi, a young girl who dreams of seeing fairies in her garden.

Mimi is a perfectly ordinary girl who leads a perfectly ordinary life. She has toys to play with, a little brother who isn't too boring and cakes for all her birthdays. Mimi therefore doesn't want much more. But there is one thing she would like more than anything: to see a fairy in her garden.

Poor Mimi spends hours and hours making her fairy garden absolutely perfect, but they never come. Is she doing it wrong?

Just when she has lost all hope, sparkling lights appear. They are there! And they carry a message about the importance of preserving natural environments as they are.

With Isabella Mazzanti's captivating illustrations and activity pages at the end of the book that show readers how to create their own fairy garden, this beautiful story will capture children's imaginations.

And maybe it will help them attract fairies to their own gardens!

Available in French.