Énamour - Oleo-Calcareous Liniment ( 1L ) - Refill

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Liniment is traditionally used during diaper changes to cleanse, soothe and moisturize your baby's skin. Inspired by an ancient recipe from the south of France, our liniment is a relaxing blend of oils, lime water and calming calendula.

Enamour liniment is a deliciously fragrant substitute for generic baby lotions. Its key ingredient is alkaline lime water, which serves to neutralize the acidic pH of urine. The liniment leaves a light greasy film that protects baby's skin from the harmful effects of urine. It also works wonders against cradle cap (also called "the hat") on babies' heads. A few applications are enough!

Made from olive and coconut oils flavored with natural vanilla and orange peel oil, our liniment is truly versatile. Body moisturizer for young and old, massage oil, make-up remover or after-sun lotion, it soothes and also reduces redness, dry skin, eczema, stretch marks and cracked nipples. It is the cream to do everything, to drag with you at all times. The diaper bag's best friend.