Mömy - Reusable Candle - Mango and papaya

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The “Mango & Papaya” candle is a balanced blend of fruity and refreshing aromas.

8 oz - 40 hours

Soy wax is natural and very gentle on the environment when burning.

Once the candle is finished, give your jar a second life. Soy wax cleans up very well with warm, soapy water.


It is recommended to use your candle for a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 4 hours and to always be present when it is burning. It must be out of the reach of children and animals at all times. Make sure to always trim the wick before each use so that it is 5mm from the wax.

There you are, you are ready to light your candle and let its fragrance soothe you!