Micasso & Co. - 2 Learning Spoons - Vintage Pink and Night Blue

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BPA-free silicone self-feeding utensils suitable for baby teeth and those of children 6 months and older. Ideal for facilitating baby's independent feeding!

These dipping spoons feature a non-directional head that will make it easy for your little one to scoop up their food no matter how they hold the spoon. They will allow him to develop his confidence in his hand-to-mouth coordination before using a traditional spoon or fork.

These spoons are gentle on the gums and the pleasant sensations of the silicone will entice your child to eat. They also help to relieve the anxiety caused by sore gums during the teething phase.

These double-sided spoons have textured ridges and bumps that provide sensory stimulation and help soothe toothaches.

These spoons are ergonomically designed to get food to your little one's mouth with minimal effort. They are designed to prevent overeating or the risk of choking. They are also easy to grasp and manipulate with the hands.