Little Yogi - Cloth Mask - Sunrise

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Available in 4 sizes, the masks are adjustable at two levels. Their exterior is made of certified organic cotton and/or bamboo, and the interior is reinforced with polyester. In addition, a pouch is available to add an additional filter.

Wearing a mask is recommended for children over two years of age. The important thing is that the child can remove it by himself. Children must wear the mask under the supervision of a parent. It is important that the child does not touch his mask with his hands once in place. Other directives are indicated on the product packaging.


Circumference from center of the forehead

Size L-Xl= 58-64 cm

Size S-M= 54-58 cm


Size 3-6 ans : 48-53 cm

Size 6-12 ans: 53- 55cm