Gallimard Jeunesse - Les Animaux Familiers

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Hamsters, goldfish, cats, dogs, parakeets, canaries, turtles, rabbits... Foam picture cards, ultra light and easy to handle by little hands, for a special moment of exchange and play.
Hanging in a string, placed in the bed or in the stroller, the My Very First Discoveries picture cards are first of all beautiful images, which the baby will enjoy observing, manipulating, exploring and returning to again and again...
Picture cards are an ideal support for stimulating the child's desire to speak as they begin to understand and use words. All games are allowed for complicit exchanges around each image and what it designates: heads and tails, hello-there, show me where is...

For this box set, 8 ultra-light picture cards, 16 beautiful and realistic images to observe.

In French only.