HAPS Nordic - Pack of 2 Multi Bags - Summer Mix

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The multibags are designed as an alternative to disposable plastic bags, protecting the environment, and making it easy to choose a more sustainable and durable product.

The large Multibag is big and strong enough to hold 2kg of potatoes -your perfect all-purpose bag will take along for almost everything.

The small one is perfect for storing all your essentials such as your keys, purse, and phone.

The round-bottomed Multibags with drawstring closure are your perfect companion in the kitchen, for grocery shopping, or as your kid's gym bag.

Crafted from high-quality organic GOTS-certified cotton, our multibags are the eco-friendly choice for you and your family.

This set of 2 comes with a small and one large multibag.

Quality: 100% Organic Cotton GOTS
Dimensions: 20x20x35 cm; 20x14x14 cm
Washing instructions: 40°C