Musical Plush

by Moka
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The ideal partner to put your children to sleep and comfort them! With its soft classical music, it will rock newborns as much as young children and sometimes even adults!

Music has several benefits on children's development: it calms, soothes, reassures children, awakens their intellectual functions in addition to radically developing emotional sensitivity.

Passing on to them the love of music means giving them the desire to awaken to the world around them!


Duration of the 3 songs: 60 sec. 104 sec. and 108 sec.

Once you press the button (on her stomach) it's the Jules lullaby which plays in a loop 5 times. You weigh twice, it's the Simone lullaby that plays in a loop 5 times. You weigh 3 times, it is the Claire lullaby which plays 5 times.
(the order of the songs may vary from one mechanism to another)

Original compositions written, performed and recorded in Montreal. (Piano, Violin, Cello)

Possibility to adjust the volume using a wheel on the side of the mechanism.

Comes with a USB wire to interchange the next compositions.


- ASTM F963 Certification (Consumer Safety Specification / Toy Safety)

- 3 AAA batteries included carobon zinc * Do not use an alkaline battery

- Machine washable (removing the musical mechanism)

Source / Credit: Moka / Petit Dev Will Grand