Tout-Petit Montessori: Mon Coffret Sensoriel

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The baby's first discoveries are sensory.

This box will allow him to recognize and name his sensations.

This box includes 5 material cards to touch: rough, sticky, spicy, soft, smooth and 20 image cards to associate.

These first cards, which are the basis of learning in Montessori pedagogy, promote sensory development, sensation-image association, exchange and language How to live well together, even when we do not have the same tastes , nor the same desires?

A solid material, to meet the great demand of parents on the Montessori awakening of the baby.

This box is made with materials from eco-responsible forestry and recyclable cardboard boxes, using neither chlorine nor acids.

Included :

  • 5 material cards to touch
  • 20 image cards
  • 1 user manual

Only available in French.