Fridababy - Disposable Postpartum Underwear - Boyshort Briefs

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*** Regular Size ***

A mess-free, mesh-free recovery outfit that stretches even more than you. Soft, seamless, and breathable to keep the pads (and everything else) in place, without squeezing or pulling.

• WEAR: Disposable postpartum underwear is step 2 of Frida Mom's 5-step postpartum recovery regimen. Ideal to be placed in a hospital bag for use after the first trips to the bathroom after giving birth in the hospital and back home.

• SUPER STRETCHY ALL OVER: More flexible than your prenatal yoga teacher, these underwear are designed to keep the pads (and all other recovery layers) in place without compromising on comfort.

• MADE OF MICROFIBER + SPANDEX: Super soft, breathable, mesh and latex free (compared to the uncomfortable, sheer, mesh hospital pair).

• BRIEF CUT BOY FULL COVER: Designed to hold raised layers in place, starting with immediate postpartum recovery during the first 6 weeks of recovery.

* Regular size equals 28-42 inches (71 - 107cm)

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Discard after use. Not machine washable.

Source / Credit: FridaBaby