Baby-Carrier Up & Go - Black

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The Up & Go is an Japanese-style physiological baby carrier. This waist-less baby carrier is easy to use, adjustable, and features a physiological design, making it ideal for your day-to-day short and long trips.

The Up & Go baby carrier is designed to adapt to wearers from size XS to XXL thanks to its adjustable straps. As it has no waistband, it is an ideal baby carrier for pregnant women.

  • Age: As soon as baby can sit upright unassisted (minimum of 6 months old).
  • Weight: From 7 kg to 15 kg (15 lbs to 33 lbs).
  • Scalable: Adjustable back and seat width.
  • Comfortable: Padded shoulder straps for the wearer and padding under the child's thighs.
  • Composition: 54% Recycled Cotton, 27% Polyester, 14% Recycled Polyester, 4% Other recycled fibres, 1% Metallised Polyester. 
  • Hand wash only.

Made in France.

Thanks to Binibamba, you can add a warm liner made specially for this baby-carrier! You can find the link by clicking here.