360 BABY CARRIER - Grey/Beige

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The first Ergobaby Baby Carrier which allows parents to carry their baby in 4 ergonomic and comfortable positions: front facing them, front facing the world, on the back and on the hip.

The new waist belt is wider and the padded shoulder straps for optimal distribution of the baby’s weight from shoulders to hips.

The preformed seat "bucket" will allow babies to always be in the right sitting and natural position in "frog" with their spine forming a "C".

The preformed bucket seat has two buttons to adjust the width of the seat and always install baby ergonomically.

The adjustable waist belt with Velcro (66-140 cm) can be worn at the waist or on the hips for optimal comfort, supports the lower back and is ideal after a cesarean.

The Baby Carrier's apron is designed to provide baby with the best possible support.

The straps are padded and adjustable to fit the greatest number.

The headrest is adjustable to support the baby's head while sleeping, protect it from the sun (UPF 50+) and, if the mother is breastfeeding, offer some privacy.

Made of 100% cotton, machine washable at 30º.