Smoothie Bags - Cold Colors

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Healthy and easy snack to go: Fille the smoothie bag with homemade smoothie, porridge or puree and bring it for your kids when you are on-the-go and make it easy to eat healthy homemade snacks.

Easy to fill: The smoothie bag is easy to fill from the bottom and closes very tight with a strong double zipper.

Storage in the fridge: Prepare snacks to go for your kids and store them in the fridge. Then you always have a snack to grab on the run. When preparing warm snacks, heat up slowly in hot water.

Reusable and sustainable: To take care of the environment, the smoothie bags are produced with the purpose of being reused. Use it again and again up to maximum 50 times.


  • Suitable for kids and babies from 6 months

  • After use you can clean it easily in the dishwasher or by hand

  • Do not put it in the microwave

  • The smoothie bags are of high quality and made of PET and PA

  • They are tested free of phtalates, BPA and PVC

  • They are approved for babies and baby food after European standards

  • It can endure up to maximum 90 degrees

  • It can be scalded for 15 seconds

  • We advise that the fill is maximum 37 degrees when you put it into the smoothie bag


  • 3 x reusable smoothie bags of 190ml each

Source/Credit: HAPS Nordic