Small Scale of Growth (Imperial & Metric)

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Because children grow up so fast! This small ruler in Russian birch will complement both the nursery and the playroom. Because it is mobile, you will be able to keep these memories from house to house, from generation to generation.

Perfect shower or first birthday gift !! The Abricotine “Small Size” Growth Ladder has been designed for children only as it has a maximum height of 5'1 "(155cm). The goal was to offer you an accessible model so that you can offer it to each of your children. In addition, the small size growth scale offers on the same measuring board the possibility of being measured in inches and centimeters.

A novelty at Abricotine!

Installation 2 screws will suffice to secure your ladder. The top screw should be set to 57 '' and the bottom one to 29 ''.

* Note that the hardware is not included. *

And There you go! You will now be ready to mark the present moment! For marking, all pencils work. If you are not sure, feel free to make a little line on the back of your ladder. Are you uncomfortable writing it on your measuring board? Use a small ruler to neatly write your child's name and age. For young children who are not yet standing, use the size written in the health record as a reference.