Cuddle & Kind - Penelope the Flamingo

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Birthday: June 21, J

e just an incredibly sunny place where palm trees sway and tropical flowers bloom. Of course, I have confidence in myself, why not me, honey? No one is better to be me than myself - like no one is better at being you than you. We are all fabulous in our way, then act like it!

Favorite quote: "Stand up straight, sweetie."

Objective: provide 1 million meals a year


About Cuddle & amp; Kind

health training, we recognize the crucial role that nutrition plays in the development of a child. As parents, we believe that all children should have enough food to eat and have the opportunity to flourish, so when we saw a documentary on the devastating effects of child hunger on millions of children around the world, this prompted us to help.

That day, we decided to create a company whose purpose is to help improve the lives of children and make a difference. We created cuddle + kind because we wanted to make beautiful dolls handknitted that help feed the children. So for every lovable cuddly doll sold, we give food to 10 needy children .

We are proud that our dolls are made with high quality natural cotton, because it is important for us that they are safe, soft and cozy.
We are also very proud that each doll is carefully handmade by artisans in Peru incredible , which provides them with a sustainable income and fair trade.