Moonie Teddy Bear - Silver

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Moonie was designed to soothe babies and improve the quality of their sleep using all-natural white noises and pink noises.

Moonie is also a night light that helps babies and toddlers overcome their fear of the dark. We hope it will satisfy you and become your child's best friend!

The packaging includes:

- The Moonie plush

- The module for sound and light

- A USB cable

- The user manual


The wonderful sounds of Moonie

Babies are surrounded by low frequency sounds in the mother's womb and therefore we have used natural pink sounds to ensure ultimate comfort for your child. All sounds used in Moonie's sound module are real pink noises and not computer generated. The heartbeat is a real recording of the buzzing heard in mom's womb.

The sea waves you hear are those of the Baltic Sea and the sound of the forest stream is a recording of the stream in the Tatra Mountains.

The sounds of the Moonie are the rain, waves, the wind, the sounds of the heart inside the womb, the stream in the forest and a sweet melody.

Moonie is equipped with a volume-controlled module that is easily adjusted to meet your child's needs. Just press your finger on the main button for a long time to reduce the volume. Press once to start the sound. Press twice to change the noise/atmosphere.


Moonie's soft light

Moonie has a bright belly that will soothe your child and accompany him gently in the arms of Morpheus.

The Moonie night light is perfect for older children who often have nightmares and are afraid of the dark. You can leave the light open all night.

The Moonie night lamp shines with natural light, but also has 7 shades of colors to choose from.

The LED light does not heat up, it is totally safe for your little one!


The smart scream detector

The smart scream sensor recognizes a baby's crying and turns on automatically.

As soon as your little one starts to moan, Moonie activates one of our specially selected natural pink noises to keep your child soothed.

The Moonie module can also be set so that the light turns on along with the sound to comfort the crying baby.


Practicle and ecological!

The Moonie module has a built-in USB rechargeable battery.

Moonie comes with a module already charged and can be used right away! It takes about 3 hours to fully charge the Moonie module and can last up to 8 hours with the sound and light on.


Moonie's bath time

After removing the module, gently wash the plush by hand with water of maximum 40 degrees celcius.

Of course, it is important to dry flat.



Your Moonie loves hugs and should be handled with care when bathing.


Measurements of the adorable Moonie:

28cm x 13cm x 10cm