Bundl - Organic 6 ply Gauze Lace Blanket

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The 100% organic muslin blankets are practical, stylish and incredibly soft.

Muslin is a light, loosely woven cotton fabric. Our GOTS certified 100% organic woven muslin blanket is made from six thin layers of muslin. Thanks to its lightness and loose weave, muslin is a breathable textile. Yet, when layered, it brings warmth. This combination of breathability and warmth makes it perfect for year round use in all climates.

Dimension :

Each blanket measures 105cm x 105cm.

Care instructions:
Machine wash on gentle cycle in a wash bag is strongly recommended.

Wash separately before use.

Dry flat.

Do not soak or wring out. Do not bleach or tumble dry, and do not dry clean.

* Like other loosely woven natural fibers, lint and pilling may be visible with new fabric. Remove excess lint with an adhesive roller.

* As gauze is a delicate fabric, it's best to keep your blanket away from velcro or anything else that can catch and snag your fabric