Eucalyptus Herbal Body Oil

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A favourite since 1997, our Eucalyptus Herbal Body Oil is a natural, moisturizin skin protectant ideal for summertime care. Apply generously to exposed skin areas, and re-apply when required. This formula is safe on kids and pets.

Eucalyptus has a strong smell that is believed to confuse mosquitoes' delicate sense of direction and tase, making it difficult for them to find a host. This plant has the added bonus of doubling, up as an antiseptic after bites.

Evidence shows that soybean oil-based repellents provide longer-lasting protection.


  • All natural & non-toxic

  • Long lasting, its herbal and essential oil blend naturally repels mosquitoes and black flies through its scent.

  • Safe for daily use


  • Contents: 62.5 ml (2 oz)

Source/Credit: Butterfly Weed Herbals