Waffle Set

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Do you smell the delicious smell of waffles made with love? Your treasures will be delighted by this simply adorable waffle set!

The set includes:
• A Waffle maker
• A waffle cut into 4 parts
• 1 Fork
• 1 Knife
• 2 Bananas
• 2 Strawberries
• 1 jar of syrup
• 1 Plate
• 1 clamp

Plan Toys are world renowned manufacturers of quality and durable wooden toys. Plan Toys is an ecological choice. Plan Toys is constantly striving to create new designs and manufacturing techniques that further preserve the surrounding environment by using environmentally responsible, responsible and sustainable methods to produce toys and sustainable educational resources. All Plan Toys educational resources are made from rubberwood or surplus rubberwood chips mixed with environmentally friendly glue. Rubberwood is a sustainable choice because it is the wood that is extracted from rubber trees that has stopped supplying latex.