Miniware - Set of 5 - Mini Patissier

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Say no to the endless waste of short-term baby products and say yes to Miniware!

A collection of smart, healthy and contemporary self-feeding products that grow with your family. Miniware is a delightfully easy to use system of beautiful feeding products which will help your little one learn to self-feed while staying healthy and happy.

Mini Pâtissier is like taking the colors from a beautiful French pastry, perfect for little ones who love to mix and match.

Miniware products is not only safe for you and your family but our earth as well. When the product meets the end of it’s lifecycle, it is safe to burn or break down in soil just like plants.

Our Natural Bamboo color is undyed. All other color options (cherry blossom, nordic lake, sandy stone) are made from specially selected natural pigments.

** The set includes 1 cereal bowl, 1 snack bowl and 1 sandwich plate which comes with 2 removable suction feet **

The smart suction foot

The detachable suction foot allows your child the freedom to feed themselves. Unlike other baby bowls with a permanent suction foot, Miniware will continue to grow with your child and can even be used by the entire family.

Stackable for easy storage

Our bowls and plates are stackable after taking off the detachable suction foot. Not only safe your storage place but you can have multiple ones for dishwasher runs without worries.


  • Unlike many other bamboo products and composites which add plastics or chemicals our tableware are dishwasher safe for daily use and can resist temperatures up to 284F

  • Miniware is safe in the dishwasher. If washing by hand, a regular soft sponge is best as the product surface can become scratched with a rough scrub sponge. Steel wool is not recommended.

  • Miniware is microwave-safe. Miniware is suitable in temperatures from -4F to 284F. Please do not microwave more than 1 minute in an 800W microwave. We recommanded microwaving food in another container before using Miniware to feed your children which ensures food is cooled and avoids burning a child's mouth.

  • Cereal bowl, snack bowl and sandwich plate material: 40% bamboo fiber, 40% vege starch, 20% emulsion

  • Suction foot material: 100% food grade silicone & PP Secure disk


  • Package box dimensions: 9.5" x 9.5" x 5.1"

  • Weight with package: 2.4 lbs

Source/Credit: Miniware