Silicone Straw,Travel Case and Brush-Dust Rose

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We are all actively making a change from single-use straws to more sustainable options. We Might Be Tiny have created the perfect 'kid friendly' straw for busy families. Although you might like them just as much too.

The Keepie and Bendie Straw set is an eco-friendly, reusable, and fun straw and will make a difference to the planet. This very cute Keepie is perfect for taking your bendy straw on- the-go.

Once you have used the Bendie straw, you can roll it back up and put it safely in its Keepie until you get home to wash it.

Each set includes: 1x Keepie, 1x Bendie straw and one flexible cleaning tool
Easily attach Keepie to bags with hook
Angled tip, making slurping easier with Bendie straw
Flexible food-grade silicone
Dishwasher safe (remove hook before using in the dishwasher)
Microwave up to 230°C
Freezer safe -40°C
Durable - No bite marks
Non-stick and Non-slip
Non-toxic, food grade silicone
BPA free
Wider straw design - allowing smaller ice or fruit chunks pass through.