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Because the Maovic company wants the best for your children and theirs, Maovic pillows are made of organic buckwheat hulls, which saves them from spending 8 hours per day lying on pesticides.

The buckwheat hulls have a lot of advantages, they are not only without chemicals, but also anti-mites, ergonomic because we can adjust the quantity according to the needs of our child, they give off a pleasant soothing smell which favors the relaxation. In addition, the shape of the shells helps to regulate the temperature, which brings additional comfort to the child.

Many of you are looking for Maovic Pillows for your needs and comfort. It makes a nice lumbar support when you are at the computer, on the road or just in front of the television. It is also the perfect pillow to hang around on the plane and on the plane because it is very small for transport but also very comfortable.

For toddlers with reflux problems, their pillows become a must. They are slipped under the head and upper body to provide a nice, stable tilt to your little one and thus reduce the reflux that often causes discomfort.

• Recommended ages: 18 months to 6 years (depending on the needs of the child)
• Anti-mite pillows
• Ergonomic pillows
• Pillows with a cover that goes to the washer and dryer
• Pillows embellished with two zippers: one for the cover and one to allow you to wash or adjust, as you please, the amount of shells. They are also used to protect your pillow from damage
• If you want to refresh your husks, you can put them in the sun and they will heat slightly and disinfect themselves

• Small (10 "x 16"), they are designed to be dragged anywhere

Source / Credit: Maovic