Healing Hazel - Amber Necklace - Cacti Mini 10 1/2 ''

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Baby Teething Necklace
• Handmade with Baltic amber 100% certified.
• Helps reduce pain and inflammation. Must be in contact with the skin. •
S.v.p. note that the Baltic amber is a natural material and the colors of amber may vary slightly from pictures.
• Can be in contact with water. However, to keep its original appearance and increase its service life, it is best to remove before washing or bathing.
• There should be a space of two fingers between the baby's neck and necklace. The collar should never exceed the underside of his chin.
• When your baby shows signs that his teeth pierce, it is time to try this.
• This product has a secure attachment and is tested by a private laboratory and meets all safety requirements.
• All our Baltic amber is certified by the Gemological Institue of America (GIA).
• The stones of colors used on our limited edition necklaces are for decorative purposes.