Scrunchy - Apricot

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Each scrunchy collects 1 bottle of water from our oceans and landfills.

For all ages. Proudly wear this scrunchy that contributes to a good deed!

This simple little scrunchy was born out of our zero-waste efforts. It comes from our scraps of fabric, which would have automatically been destined to be emptied. We decided to recover each piece of fabric to create a small accessory that is always useful! 

  • This scrunchy is made 100% in Quebec

  • The exclusive Kantalou fabric is made from recycled water bottles.

  • The fabric is waterproof & washable, 100% polyester 100% recycled fibres

  • For all ages



  • Put in the washing machine with soap without fabric softener.

  • DO NOT machine wash in hot water (this could damage the fabric).
  • DO NOT put in the dishwasher (this could damage the fabric).
  • Air drying (recommended method) or machine drying at LOW temperature.

  • DO NOT dry at high temperatures (this could damage the tissue).