Booties - Ochre

by Hvid
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These baby boots are made from the softest Merino wool.
Perfect to stay on your baby's feet with the lace up. The ankle boots and laces are made on a 3D knitting machine.

  • Age: 0-9 months
  • Dimensions: 9.5 cm long
  • Made in Belgium
  • Material: 100% merinowool

Washing instructions:
It is not necessary to wash Merino wool frequently. This fiber is self-cleaning. It's perfect to just air it outside. Otherwise, wash very gently by hand in lukewarm water at 30 °.

If machine washed it is at your risk as we cannot guarantee the settings of every washing machine.
NO drumming, NO dryer

** Merino wool does not sting and is antibacterial and therefore perfect for children with eczema or sensitive skin