Stainless Steel Bottle with 2 Caps 350ml - Steel

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** 1 Bottle, 1 bamboo lid and 1 Sporty style lid **

Small, pleasant and practical water bottle, always easy to carry. Also perfect for children from kindergarten to the end of primary school.

The water bottle is made of coated stainless steel, naturally BPA free and tasteless. Includes 2 lids - one made of stainless steel and bamboo with a convenient handle and a kid / fitness lid, which can be easily opened and closed from one hand.
The large opening makes it easy to fill the bottle with water or ice cubes and the two lids close tightly using the silicone ring, which can be removed and washed separately.

Instead of unnecessary packaging, the water bottle comes in a suitable cotton bag, which you can use as extra protection for your water bottle or as a bag for, say, an extra small snack.

Quality: stainless steel
Dimensions: 350 ml
Washing Instructions: Handmade or Dishwasher Safe (No Microwave)