Baby Owl Heating - Pink / Flower

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A mini owl to heat in very soft fabric, with large sewn eyes, and the belly stuffed with organic rye and Quebec lavender.

Use this small hot water bottle of grains to soothe your little ones' stomach aches, or just to hoot with pleasure before falling asleep.

Having a baby owl is great!

- The benefits of the baby owl are multiple.

HOT: It soothes colic in newborns (and it works for stomach aches of grown-ups too, or for breasts full of milk for new mothers).

It relaxes the muscles, after a long bike ride or a crazy snail race.

It facilitates the repair of damaged tissues, ouch, precisely a bicycle accident during the ride.

It relieves mild aches and pains, the discomfort of teething, stiffness or bruising, and headaches.

It promotes tissue elasticity, ideal for pregnant women and dads who eat a lot!

COLD: It calms a big sore, like the bruise that appeared after the failed triple somersault, blindfolded, on the parents' bed.

It soothes a painful joint, always the consequences of the somersault of death ...

It relieves inflammations and scrapes such as the war wound against his little sister unwittingly transformed into a wild dragon.

It reduces muscle spasms, after tumbling down the stool, looking for cookies in the upper kitchen cupboard.

It decreases pain, aches, or others. Same as when you heat it!

- Your baby owl is not a toy!

Common sense and the vigilance of an adult are required, always make sure the baby owl is not too hot before giving it to a child.

- Super useful warm when infants colic, keep it in the freezer after baby is grown up. When you learn to walk you bump all over the place, so a little frozen owl comes to the rescue, it's magic.

- We explain how to heat it in the microwave or in a conventional oven (yes yes). And also how to refresh it in the freezer.

- Uh. Do not try to heat it in a toaster oven. IT'S DANGEROUS. Thank you.

- Do not heat it several times in a row. It must cool completely between each use, otherwise it could burn, EVEN if you keep the indicated heating time.

- Our organic rye is grown in Quebec, as is the lavender supplied to us by the friendly owners of La Maison Lavande.

- By the way, lavender smells REALLY very good.

Bath Time:

Machine wash in cold water or by hand.
Hang to dry. (Please! No dryer!)

If you get the sack of grain wet, in a few days you will be able to cultivate your own field of rye (organic too).