Alain, the Teething Radish - Eyes Open

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here Alain, stoic radish, always ready to be bitten, covered with drool, turn upside down, and gleefully throw to the ground with rage.

When the dental breakthrough comes, the tension is at its height.

Go babies, bite Alain, and quickly, let the tooth come out!

Easy to handle and captivating with its crackling leaves, it is particularly appreciated for its ability to relieve inflamed gums.

Bath Time:

Untie the radish from its ring - personally I would take a few notes at this point because I can never remember how to tie this knot, haha - and machine wash it in cold water, or by hand, with a biodegradable detergent.

Air dry (Please! No dryer!)

Hand wash the ring in lukewarm water.
Let it dry well before tying the radish on it again.